New Base module: D-BL-1C

Since the beginning of April we have new Base module version: D-BL-1C. This module doubles the capacity of RAM and FLASH memories.

Starting from 1st of April we will introduce new model of the Base module: D-BL-1C

There are two main changes:

  • RAM memory doubled, from 8MB to 16MB
  • FLASH memory doubled, from 4MB to 8MB

While memory is doubled, the actual area for user application is actually tripled, due to the operating system memory requirements that didn’t change. All software releases we prepare are universal, that is the same rtos, system and web components can be installed in both models.

New Base model is recommended for customers with very advanced installations, larger visualizations, multiple extension modules or where large number of BACnet variables is used - installations like those frequently were implemented with multiple Base modules. Model D-BL-1B is available for smaller installations and its’ price does not change.

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