New Display

Starting today touch panel D-DSP8-1 is replaced with the family of panels D-DSP10X-1. The price of D-DSP10A-1 stays exactly the same as that of D-DSP8-1.

Most important changes in new touch panels include:

  • Larger screen
  • Wired Ethernet connection in addition to WiFi
  • Much faster CPU

New touch panel will be available in three versions:

D-DSP10A-1 with front bezel made of black glossy plastic
D-DSP10B-1 with front bezel made of anodized aluminum
D-DSP10C-1 with bezel as above and case for in-wall mounting (available mid July)
Anodized aluminum bezels are available in multiple colors as custom order. Standard versions are white or graphite aluminum.

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