Remote on the iPad

We are pleased to announce, that new version of the DOMIQ/Remote application will be soon available. It will come with full support for Apple  iPad, iPhone oraz iPod Touch. We plan to release version 1.7.0 in iTunes Store together with update 1.7.0 for DOMIQ/Base in first weeks of September .

Application will now use all of iPad's screen real estate. We also changed some of the controls, for example option selection, temperature which now open is popup windows.

Most fundamental change in new Remote is added support for Display visualizations. They are shown in the landscape mode. On iPhone and iPod Touch it is also possible to zoom in visualization using standard gestures.iPads will not support "old style visualizations. On other devices pages with "old style" visualization will show it instead of Display. Feature of "old style" visualizations is deprecated, and will be removed in next versions of the Base software.

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