Software Update, new products

On 9th June 2010 new versions of software for DOMIQ/Base and DOMIQ/Remote has beed released. Due to changes in communication protocols, both component should be updated at the same time.


Most important changes are itemized below:


Changed communication protocol to DOMIQ/Base. New protocol enables introduction of new HA protocols, as well as better integration with LOGIC
Improved connection selection screen, merged Local and Remote connections
Display of connection status, checking of the status of paired DOMIQ/Base
Automatic update of configuration of DOMIQ/Remote, doesn't require restart of Remote (only local connections)
Support for notifications from DOMIQ/Base
Changed communication protocol with DOMIQ/Remote.
Astro clock: timers based on sunrise/sunset hours, computed on the basis of geographic location
New APIs for Logic. Now programming of advanced functionality is much easier. It is possible to distribute scripts implementing virtual devices, like PWM, PID or DAIKIN remote control
It is possible to invoke Logic functions using channel commands from DOMIQ/Display oraz DOMIQ/Remote
Support for new line of products: DOMIQ/Radio
Integration with UPnP Audio-Video, like DLNA devices, active speakers or software like XBMC
Much better conditions in Events and Timers. Now they can be based on state on any channel/device
DOMIQ/Base identifies itself as LCN-SK in LCN-PRO. This also works when real LCN-SK is in subnet as well
Time broadcast for GT4D - based on NTP time synchronized, battery backed clock of DOMIQ/Base
Support for multiple LCN segments. Note: only state of the local segment is stored and refreshed
Improved LCN network scanning, support for more LCN commands
New access level: "User". This level has rights to use web based control panel
Improved operating system: new memory allocation system, dynamic task priorities
New Products

With version 1.5 we introduce new series of products, called DOMIQ/Radio, soon to be available for purchase:
is wireless base station (size 2T), connected to DOMIQ/Base. Communication uses mesh network based on IEEE 802.15.4 radio standard in 2.4GHz band
control module for DAIKIN airconditioners, line SkyAir. It enables bidirectional communication and control of operation mode, fan setting, temperature setpoint, remote/onoff key lock. It is also possible to read setpoints set by IR remote. Module also has integrated temperature and humidity sensor. Module is installed inside internal units
infrared transmitter. It looks like PIR motion detector, requires external 12V power. It enables remote control of airconditioners, audio-video equipment from DOMIQ/Remote, DOMIQ/Display or timers/events. Remote codes are entered in Pronto-HEX 0000 format
control device for HDMI-CEC. It can be connected to any HDMI port, and enables bidirectional control of all interconnected audio-video devices that support Consumer Electronic Control standard
New line of DOMIQ/Radio products enable full, digital integration of home automation, audio-video and airconditioning systems at excellent prices.

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