Base module update 1.7.4

Today we released updates of the web and system components to version 1.7.4 and rtos component to 1.7.0. During preparation of this version we concentrated on few aspects of the system quality: stability, security, performance and capacity.

WARNING! As a result of bug we introduced in versions 1.7.2 and 1.7.3 it is recommended to remove file RAM0/system.lar before start of the upgrade. If the file stays, it could result in failed update (recoverable, but will take some additional steps).


  • Improved memory management of VM system
  • Emergency cross-VM garbage collector
  • Self-fixing VM locks
  • Fixed memory management in TCP/IP stack
  • Backup copies now contain only configuration files
  • Fixed CRC problem in backup files
  • Fixed reliability issues with TIMER/DELAY


  • Access with ftp and telnet uses configured administrator user and password, root is no longer there
  • Default root user can be re-activated using jumper on the ISP connector
  • Download of configuration files is now protected by passwords
  • Support for pairing and configuration sync with new protocol: DEAP
  • More reliable reflash and update procedures


  • Faster startup of the module
  • Faster startup of configuration interface
  • Faster configuration saving
  • Improved LCN scannel (lower CPU load)
  • Improved Events rules (lower CPU load)


System 1.7.4 allows for optional reformat of internal FLASH memory, which will release up to 2MB space for user data and configuration.

Before reformat it is recommended to perform full copy of FLASH0/config directory using FTP client, like Filezilla. After reformat Base will automatically fetch latest software release using TFTP. Configuration files need to be restored using FTP.

After reformat Base will use new software distribution file format - PAK files. They replace currently used LAR files and web directory. PAK files are smaller, more secure and allow for faster system startup.

Other changes

  • Support for alarm cancel in SATEL using channel C.IDS.alarm.<zone>=0
  • Base now works as LCN segment router (LCN-SK), which enable creation of large multi-segment LCN installations connected with Ethernet
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