Update 1.8.1

Today we published firmware update of the Base to the version

Updated are components system and web. Short list of changes includes:

  1. Temporary revert of the new networking APIs in integration and PCHK servers due to memory issues.
  2. Significant number of changes in the LCN subsystem:
    • Support for 200 level brightness option (global setting for the entire LCN system)
    • Addedd scanner for output 4
    • Fixed programming of TFT buttons GTxD
    • Support for new thresholds
    • Fixed new value reading - now only in new modules
    • Relative commands for output control
    • Improved algorithms for LCN packet queuing
    • Base receives "send keys" commands including table name in E.LCN.key
    • Values are numbered from 0, to make it consistent with LCN-Pro
  3. Make full screen Display visualization scaling optional
  4. Fixed issues with MEMs in some Base modules
  5. Changed startup sequence to start Logic after scheduler
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