Update 1.8.4

Today we released software update to the Base version 1.8.4.


Due to the bug in the rtos component, the update of the version 1.8.3 must be installed in two stages. In the first stage the system component must be updated and then the Base must be restarted. Only then it will be possible to update the rtos component.

An attempt to upload the rtos component without prior update of the system component and restart of the Base may result in potential irreversible damages to the Base and almost certainly will require sending the module to us in order to restore the system.

Updated components are: rtos, system and the web. The changes include:

  1. Optimization of the LCN segment routing
  2. Optimization of the LCN network scanner
  3. Changes in the DEA protocol
  4. Solving the problem with the MEM variables
  5. Implementation of the new asynchronous API
  6. New translations in the configurator
  7. Small changes in the appearance of the configurator

As a result of the above changes we have been able to significantly reduce the usage of the CPU and module memory, and scanning of the LCN bus using LCN-Pro has become faster and more efficient.

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