Update 1.8.9

We are constantly working on the development of our products and software. Today we published a major update, which significantly improves the stability of the DOMIQ/Base. The list of changes is given below:


  1. Fixed asynchronous TCP sockets.
  2. New RAM memory limits for Base 1B and Base 1C. From now on, Base 1C has larger memory limits for several VMs, which improves its performance.
  3. New (Beta) - Master-slave connections between Base modules. Now Base module can operate as a master for other Base module connected to the same LAN. Master fetches whole state from slave module and receives information from slave about state changes. It allows to contol slave (connected devices, timers, events) directly from master Base using Remote, visualization, timers, logic and so on. More detailed description of master-slave connections will be presented in a tutorial.
  4. Fixed searching of expanders connected to DOMIQ/Expander.
  5. Fixed synchronization of expander inputs.
  6. Fixed handling of expanders with address no. 0.
  7. Fixed searching of UPnP devices.
  8. Improved performance of state in Base module.
  9. Fixed handling of incomming connections in DOMIQ/Remote on iOS.
  10. Added functionality for export/import of MEM variables using configurator. Moreover, Base automatically creates a backup of MEM variables once a day by saving them to internal flash memory as a xml file. It allows to restore MEM variables from a backup file when needed.
  11. Added support for function no. 16 (Write Multiple Registers) for saving Modbus registers.


  1. Fixed asynchronous TCP sockets.
  2. Fixed memory assignments for ZLIB compression.


  1. New (Beta) - Added inteface for master-slave connections in the Links tab.
  2. Added interface for export/import, save/restore of MEM variables. After import, MEM variables will be automatically saved in Base’s FRAM memory.
  3. Added notification popup that will inform about available updates.
  4. Fixed interface for load/save LCN scene commands.
  5. Minor fixes in the Events and Timers tabs for adding groups and single events/timers.
  6. Added support for function no. 16 (Write Multiple Registers) for saving Modbus registers.
  7. Fixed German translation.
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