Update: Remote 1.2.1 for Android

We are pleased to announce, that we have released new version of Remote for Android. Below is the list of changes with detailed description:

This version requires Base software version or newer.

  1. We have rebuilt the menu view to make it more convenient to use. The new interface will provide faster and easier access to the most frequently used parts of it. You can download icons pack that are visible on screens below: Remotes Icons Set You can also use your own set to customize the appearance of the application to your preferences. If you plan to use icons with a transparent background (.png), then it is enough that they will be in 72x72px resolution. This size is enough for the icons to look good on all types of screens. If you plan to use .jpeg icons to fill entire size of a grid element, then use 120x120px images.
  2. We added the Settings view in the application menu.
  3. We added color themes. There are several color compositions available to make user interface more suitable to your preferences. Color themes are set in the Settings view. Each system user can choose different theme.
  4. We improved the mechanism for fetching state from Base module. It improves overall performance of the application.
  5. We replaced current dimmer controls with sliders. Besides dimming, sliders have also the „on/off” functionality. Tap the current value label to toggle between min and max value. Dimmers now can handle the range parameter. The default range is 0-100. You can change dimmer's range by editing dimmer control in Base's configurator.
  6. We fixed bugs in the Camera element.
  7. We added autolock of mobile device after a specified period of inactivity (according to settings in Android OS). This option was very desired by users who use tablets as control panels using in-wall mounts. From now on screens will not shine at night, nor when they are unnecessary, which will also lower electricity bills. By default, the option is disabled.
  8. We fixed sizing of buttons in the Buttons Group control.
  9. We added support for read-only mode for Select controls. Thanks to this, you can present text interpretation of a variable, which in Base module has numeric value.
  10. We added the Settings view which includes the following options:
    1. choosing a color theme;
    2. activation/deactivation of screen autolock;
    3. activation/deactivation of the „Only menu mode”. When this option is enabled, the menu mode will be visible in every device orientation. Default value: disabled.
  11. We added the connection details view in the Base selection view. In the connection details view you can check:
    1. Current status of connection.
    2. Serial number of your Base module.
    3. IP address and port of Base module.
  12. We added preview of current color for the RGB Light controls. We also improved perfomance of this control element.
  13. The Switch control from now can handle custom values for on and off states. It also supports custom parameters to be send together with the command.
  14. We improved mechanism of unpairing of single mobile devices.
  15. We added support for the command that allows to switch current visualization screen. Base module must call a command with the following syntax: E.DISPLAY.screen=, e.g. E.DISPLAY.screen=groundfloor. Using this feature you can switch visualization screen in reaction to any event in the system, for example to show camera preview when someone presses the bell button.
  16. Moreover, we added support for the command that allows to switch visibility of a visualization layer. The command must be in the following format: E.DISPLAY.layer=:. Example: Let's assume that the layer is named “buttons”, then in order to display layer, call the following command: E.DISPLAY.layer=buttons:1. In order to hide this layer, use the follwing command: E.DISPLAY.layer=buttons:0. This command can be called, for exmaple as a result of an event, timer, etc.
  17. We added compability with the newest versions of the Android OS.
  18. We added other minor improvements.
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