Update: Remote for iOS 1.11.0

We are pleased to announce, that today we have released new version of Remote for iOS. Below is the list of changes with detailed description:

  1. We improved mechanism of unpairing single mobile devices.
  2. We added the Settings view in the application menu.
  3. We added color themes. There are several color compositions available to make user interface more suitable to your preferences. Color themes are set in the Settings view. Each system user can choose different theme. Below four samples of available themes.
  4. We added autolock of mobile device after a specified period of inactivity. This option was very desired by users who use iPads as control panels using in-wall mounts. From now on screens will not shine at night, nor when they are unnecessary, which will also lower electricity bills. The time after which the device will go into sleep mode is set in the Remote Settings. Selected time period is summed with the autolock period selected in iOS settings. By default, the option is disabled.
  5. We added a new unique functionality - the live recording of user actions (commands sent to the Base module), which in result will be saved as a macro. No programming required! From now on in a few clicks using the Remote, you can create macro for leaving home, light scenes, a macro for watching the movie, etc. Each macro can be called at any time, so you can save time on performing repetitive tasks.
    Read the tutorial and learn how to create macros: Macros in the Remote application
  6. We added gesture for switching between the visualization view and the menu mode. From now on, Remote supports menu mode also in the horizontal orientation! All it takes is a simple gesture - swipe horizontally with two fingers on the screen to switch from visualization to menu mode. To return to the visualization, repeat the same gesture. It does not matter if you perform it from right to left or vice versa, Remote will recognize it.
  7. Moreover, in the Setting view you'll find the „Only menu mode” switch. When it's enabled, the menu mode will be visible in every device orientation. This option is disabled by default.
  8. We replaced current dimmer controls with sliders. Besides dimming, sliders have also the „on/off” functionality. To call the „on” command, tap on the right edge of a slider. By analogy, tap on its left edge to call the „off” command. Dimmers now can handle the range parameter. The default range is 0-100. You can change dimmer's range by editing dimmer control in Base's configurator. You can still use the old version of dimmer controls. To do that, select the „joystick” option in the Settings view
  9. We added preview of current color for the RGB Light controls.
  10. We added support for the command that allows to switch current visualization screen. Base module must call a command with the following syntax: E.DISPLAY.screen=<screen_name>, e.g. E.DISPLAY.screen=groundfloor. Using this feature you can switch visualization screen in reaction to any event in the system, for example to show camera preview when someone presses the bell button.
  11. Moreover, we added support for the command that allows to switch visibility of a visualization layer. The command must be in the following format: E.DISPLAY.layer=<layer_name>:<value>.
    Example: Let's assume that the layer is named “buttons”, then in order to display layer, call the following command: E.DISPLAY.layer=buttons:1. In order to hide this layer, use the follwing command: E.DISPLAY.layer=buttons:0. This command can be called, for exmaple as a result of an event, timer, etc.
  12. We added support for read-only mode for Select controls. Thanks to this, you can present text interpretation of a variable, which in Base module has numeric value.
  13. We fixed handling of long control labels.
  14. We fixed sending of commands that include special characters.
  15. We optimized memory usage of the application.

More attentive users will notice one more new option, available is in the Settings view - the „Clear cache” button. This version of Remote supports visualization graphics downloaded from external servers. To complete the implementation of this functionality, we still need to make some changes in the Base module, which will happen soon. This will allow the use of graphics with higher resolutions (basically any) and sharing them between multiple Base modules. We will keep you informed about this functionality as soon as we complete changes to the Base module software.

We hope you like new features:) Stay tuned, more features are comming! We want to make your smart home easy to control with the Remote app.

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