Version 1.5.3

On 7th November we published new version 1.5.3 of rtos and system components.

This update fixes issues with temperature graphs, improves reliability of server connection and introduces new protection mechanism from memory overallocation. In addition number of TCP/IP protocol handling fixes are included.

In case of observed issues with battery backed realtime clock, that is current time is not correctly restored after module restart when no Internet connection is available, it is recommended to perform manual update of the boot component.

Warning! Any disturbance (like power failure) during update of the boot might render module inoperative. Please create backup copy of the configuration before proceeding.

Steps to perform boot update:

  • Download boot file and copy update key
  • Restart DOMIQ/Base module
  • Perform manual update (paste update key and select file on the disk)
  • If update have been successfully performed restart the module
  • In case of error message try again from step 1
  • If problem persist please call us. Do not restart module.
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