Update: Base

2020 21 January

We are pleased to announce that today we have released an update of DOMIQ/Base software, which introduces new features and improves system performance.


  1. Optimized CPU threads management - improved performance of Base module (especially in handling of commands and events).
  2. Optimized support for Remote application (iOS and Android).
  3. Fixed handling of Light module.
  4. Fixed mechanism for saving MEM variables.
  5. Fixed bug that in some situations might led to communication problems between Bases using point-point connection.
  6. Fixed bug that caused communication problems for master-slave connections after restarting master.
  7. Added new commands to control lights using DMX-512 protocol:
    1. toggle - switch lamp state to the opposite
    2. up - increase brightness by 10%
    3. down - decrease brightness by 10%
    4. dim - brightness control in a manner known from the LCN system:
      1. short press: turn light on
      2. next short press: turn light off
      3. long press: brightening
      4. release button: stop brightness change
      5. next long press: dimming
  8. Added support for light scenes using DMX-512 protocol. It includes new command with the following syntax:
  9. DMX.scene.<scene_name>=<command>, where <scene_name> is the name assigned to a given scene in the configurator and the <command> is command sent to a scene. Following commands are available:
    1. load - loads scene
    2. toggle - toggles state of all DMX slots assigned to a given scene.
    3. dim - the same fashion as for single DMX slot, but here for whole scene.
    4. Example: DMX.scene.relax=load

9. Added toggle command for Satel Integra outputs. Syntax: IDS.output.xx=toggle;pin:yyyy, where xx is output number and yyyy to pin required for command authorization.
10. Added new identifiers for date and time visualization:
    1. CLOCK.date - shows current date in format: dd.mm.YYYY
    2. CLOCK.datetime - shows current date and time in format: dd.mm.YYYY HH:MM
    3. CLOCK.fulldate - shows current date, time and weekday in format: weekday dd.mm.YYYY HH:MM
11. Minor changes in handling of IP cameras.


  1. Added new DMX tab, where you define light scenes for DMX-512 devices. New tab also allows to create descriptions for individual DMX slots.
  2. Added new RGBW control for visualization - requires Remote for iOS 1.13.0 or newer.
  3. Added white channel for the RGB Light control in Menu mode - requires Remote for iOS 1.13.0 or newer.
  4. Fixed problem with saving of user profiles.
  5. Added option for deactivation of individual Modbus devices. This is to reduce traffic on the bus by avoiding polling temporarily inactive devices.
  6. Fixed problem with refreshing values of DALI light scenes.
  7. Fixed problem with saving of DALI light scenes.

Bus A:

  1. Fixed handling of the DOMIQ/Expander module - faster execution of commands and polling of inputs.

Bus 4:

  1. Fixed handling of the DOMIQ/Light module - improved module response time.
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