Update: Base

2021 25 January

Today we have released an update for DOMIQ/Base modules. This update fixes known issues and also brings some new features. The full list of changes below:


  1. Rebuilt driver for DOMIQ/Light modules. It improves overall performance and reliability of control of DALI balasts. This greatly speeds-up polling of current state of ballasts and also significantly improves the response time to commands sent to ballasts. This feature requires the newest version of the bus4 component.
  2. Fixed issue related to sending commands to all UPnP devices at once.
  3. Improved reliability of mechanism for pairing of mobile devices.
  4. Using identifiers names as delay values are now possible in the TIMER and DELAY commands. This allows to use a single timer definition with variable delay. Delay duration now can depend on value of any identifier in the DOMIQ system. The syntax of command is as follows: 
    Example: TIMER.test.{VAR.test}s.C.LCN.output.0.10.1=100.
    This example should be read as follows - run a timer named „test" with a delay equal to the value of the variable VAR.test. After the delay value has elapsed, turn on the output no. 1 in the LCN module with the address 10 to 100%. Similarly, use the variable names in the DELAY type commands.
  5. Added support for the „age“ attribute in conditions in the events and timers. Now event/timer can be triggered based on the last change of any identifier in the system. The syntax is as follows: age('identifier_name’).
    Example: age ('MODBUS.int.vent.temp')> 60.
    Such an event / timer condition should be understood as - "execute if the last change of the MODBUS.int.vent.temp identifier value was at least 60 seconds ago".
  6. Added new CLOCK.night identifier. It’s automatically set to value 1 on sunset and analogically set to 0 on sunrise.


  1. Fixed bug in the Description field in the „+ Command“ window in the Events and Timers tabs.
  2. Fixed handling of default configuration in the Settings, Modbus, DMX, BACnet and Links tabs.
  3. Added shortcut for deleting elements in the tree structure in the Remote, Events and Timers tabs.
  4. Fixed searching of elements in the Remote, Events and Timers tabs.
  5. Added automatic reconnection with Base module after LAN connection is lost.
  6. Added preview of current state of inputs and outputs of INT-IORS modules in the Expanders tab.


  1. Optimized assignment of stacks sizes for system threads.
  2. Fixed bugs in handling async callbacks.
  3. Fixed time synchronization using SNTP servers.
  4. Other minor fixes.


  1. Minor optimization of handling DALI ballasts.
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