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2021 16 November

Today we have released an update of software for DOMIQ/Base modules. Full list of changes below:

  1. �� Added caching of resources fetched by the configurator from the Base module. This noticeably speeds-up loading of individual tabs of the configurator.
  2. �� Added support for exporting of selected controls in the following tabs: Remote, Display, Events, Timers. This feature makes the process of reusing frequently used elements much easier. 
  3. Optimized performance of the Modbus tab. 
  4. Optimized the tree component in the Remote tab.
  5. Fixed bug in the drag & drop functionality in the Remote tab. 
  6. Fixed the pin input window on the visualization. The error prevented from entering a pin starting with 0.
  7. Fixed bug related to the „Use function no. 16…“ checkbox in the Modbus tab.
  8. Added support for the Gulf Standard Time. 
  9. Fixed bug in downloading the list of current module firmware versions.
  10. Added switch for disabling of automatic check for new updates. This feature is useful where Base is not connected to the Internet. 
  11. Other minor fixes and improvements. 
  1. �� Added support for caching of resources.
  2. �� Optimized driver for the LCN bus and fixed error in processing of status messages received from LCN modules. 
  3. Fixed bug in parsing of comments and descriptions of LCN modules
  4. Fixed bug in handling descriptions of Modbus devices and registers.
  5. Added support for the Gulf Standard Time timezone. 
  6. Fixed handling of conditional expressions in the Events and Timers.
  7. Fixed handling of DALI commands sent from LCN modules to Base module. 
  8. Fixed bug related to the „Control Over Internet“ option for the Remote on Android. 
  9. Other minor improvements


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