Base is the brain of the DOMIQ system. In a small case we closed a lot of valuable functionalities, which make the building intelligent, comfortable to use and configure.

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Thanks to this module

  • you will not have to remember about monotonous activities,
  • you will create user interfaces which are comfortable and simple to use,
  • you will adjust the automation system to the habits and needs of the householders,
  • you will adjust the reactions of the building to the changing length of the day,
  • you will carry on even the most demanding tasks and ideas.


The main functionalities include

  • creation of timers, which significantly facilitate the building automation process,
  • the built-in editors to create interactive visualisations and application menu for mobile devices,
  • defining the unlimited number of events,
  • built-in real time astronomical clock,
  • built-in interface for the LCN building automation system,
  • Lua script editor.

Attached files

➽ Installation manual IM-BL-EN-110707.pdf 12.02.2021 388 KB
➽ Configuration Manual CM-BL-EN-140318.pdf 12.02.2021 3 MB


➽ DOMIQ Discover - Windows Discover-1.0.2.exe 10.05.2012 6 MB
➽ DOMIQ Discover - Mac Discover-1.0.2.dmg 10.05.2012 14 MB