DOMIQ/Light module is an fully standard compliant, bidirectional DALI interface module.

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With this module you can:

  • minimize building utilization costs;
  • increase human comfort;
  • offer an intelligent system with adaptive algorythm for lighting control in superb price;
  • simplifiy service procedures using failure reporting;
  • use LCN brightness sensors, motion detectors in alarm system to control DALI installation.

DOMIQ/Light is a perfect device for implementation of lighting systems in office buildings, production halls and wherever large-area lighting with low operation costs is required. As required by the DALI standard, this module powers and controls up to 64 ballasts thanks to built-in 22V, 250mA power source. The controller provides full bi-directional communication, including:

  • brightness level update;
  • lamps failure notifications;
  • power failure notifications;

Bi-directional communication gives the most important advantage over traditional 0-10V control model. DOMIQ/Light module allows a simple and effective integration of DALI devices with LCN actors, maintaining state synchronization.

Due to lack of feedback channel in LCN based DALI interfaces, it is impossible to visualize installation and to handle failure messages properly. With DOMIQ/Light module, these limitations dissapear and you can implement truly modern installation.

Large scale installations

DOMIQ/Base together with DOMIQ/Light allows you to create perfect automation system for office buildings in a very attractive price. A typical automation system recommended for a multi story building consists of the following components:

  • On each floor: DOMIQ/Base and DOMIQ/Light to control up to 64 DALI ballasts.
  • Additional master Base module to integrate data from each floor and providing visualization of the entire building.
  • Optionally, DMX, MODBUS and SATEL modules for integration with weather station, energy meters, RGB LED lighting and alarm system.
  • LCN modules with relays and flush-mounted LCN-UPS modules equiped with wall-mounted panels and brightness sensors.
  • DOMIQ/Remote mobile applications.

The following features of the DOMIQ system significantly simplify using it in large installations:

  • Additional BACnet licences allows to integrate with „large” BMS.
  • Base modules can operate as LCN segment routers, which are offered in the similar price.
  • Separation of functionality between multiple Bases allows to implement local algorithms, that are executed parallelly on each floor.
  • Floors can have similar or completely different configuration.
  • Master Base module receives the most crucial information from particular floors via DOMIQ network variables.


Configuration is done using configuration interface built in DOMIQ/Base module (the DALI tab). Detailed description of the configuration and control can be found in the „DOMIQ/Base Configuration Manual”.

DALI configuration view

System provisioning and addressing

In the DOMIQ/Light we fully implemented the algorithm for automatic ballast detection and addressing. Using provided configuration interface you can quickly configure the entire installation of up to 64 ballasts fully automatically, by a single click. It is also possible to assign and change addresses manually. The module will also automaticaly detect any newly connected ballasts.

Groups and scenes

In accordance with the DALI standard, DOMIQ/Light allows to assign ballasts to groups and to store light scenes. Each balast can be assigned up do 16 groups and can save up to 16 light scenes. With this feature you can create flexible lighting management system. Using scenes with visualization is easy, as lights are setup for required levels with single command and the DOMIQ/Light scanner updates the visualization to match installation in the background.


Attached files

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