The DOMIQ/Expander module allows to control Satel expanders directly using the DOMIQ system.

You can also have smart home

DOMIQ/Expander is the solution that allows to build home automation installation at low cost and using full power of the DOMIQ system. Module allows to connect up 32 Satel expanders, which means home automation installation with 256 inputs and 256 ouputs (assuming usage of Satel INT-IORS expanders). This brings great possibilities and flexibility when designing smart home installation. Wall buttons, motion sensors or reed relays can be connected to expander’s inputs. Outputs can control any device or electric circuit, for example: ligths, shutters, blinds, electrical outlets, etc.



Home automation system based on DOMIQ devices and Satel expanders can offer functionality, which untill now was too complicated and too expensive. The most common uses of our system inlcudes control of:

  • ligths (including LEDs);
  • shutter/blinds;
  • heating (central heating boilers, radiator valves, heating pumps);
  • garden watering;
  • water/gas valves;
  • garage doors, gates;

Considering that DOMIQ/Expander module is connected to DOMIQ/Base, it allows to use timers and events to control expanders. This makes complicated control rules easy to achieve. Example of such rules may be a scenario for leaving home, or switching installation to the night mode or presence simulation when we are away from home. This brings great flexibility to the system, which can be easily adapted to the needs of a particular building and individual expectations of users.


The configuration is done using simple user interface, which is the integral part of DOMIQ/Base configuration interface. The user interface was designed to give full flexibility and convenience during system configuration. Key features of the configuration are as follows:

  • Configuration is based on creating assignments of outputs to inputs.
  • Outputs can be freely grouped and then assigned to any input, what significantly reduces configuration time.
  • Any number of outputs and groups can be assigned to a single input.
  • System can be configured online and offline as well. Configuration can be done without connected expanders and even without DOMIQ/Expander module! Whole configuration is stored inside DOMIQ/Base.
  • Each input has a test button, which simulates input violation (for example pressing of a wall-mounted button). This allows to test created assignments.
  • Each output has a test button. Each time a test button is pressed, the toggle command is sent to a particular output. It allows to test circuit wiring.


Control of expanders is based on created assignments - when input changes its state, then commands are sent to assigned outputs/groups according to created rules, for example turning on lights.

Moreover, considering that the DOMIQ/Expander module is connected with DOMIQ/Base, expanders can be controlled in any other way available in the DOMIQ system: using visualization, from the Remote application, using events and timers, etc.

With integration capabilities of the DOMIQ system, expanders can also be controlled based on events from the other subsystems of smart home, for example based on intrusion detection system or temperature change.

Remote access to the system using user interfaces ensures great user experience and high usability - you can control your home whereever you are.

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