u::Lux smart switches

Great functionality closed in a size of a traditional switch - meet the intelligent u::Lux switches.

Discover u::Lux

Multiplicity of controlled devices, light scenes, controlling of HVAC, these are just the part of smart home functionality. The use of traditional switches for this purpose leads to poor usability or even makes it impossible to control all necessary features. U::Lux switches meet the expectations of smart home users. Huge functionality closed in a size of a traditional switch, which allows you to realize even very complex functions and easily adapt them to your needs. All within one switch!



The u::Lux switch has four mechanical keys, which, unlike the touch keys gives an immediate response to pressing. Mechanical keys mean no problems with using switch with wet hands. A single u::Lux switch allows to program up to 128 keys, divided into 32 pages! Each key has a RGB LED, which can indicate the state of controlled device by lighting or blinking. Keys distinguish short and long presses, as well the moment when a key is released. This makes it easy to realize the lighting dimming function.

Color screen, loudspeaker, proximity sensor...

High-resolution color display simplifies the control and navigation between functions of the switch. Moreover, switch has built-in loudspeakear so that smart building users can be informed about events that occured in the system with sounds and voice messages. To reduce power consumption, the u::Lux switch turns off the screen after a defined time period. The screen will automatically turn on when you approach the switch as it is equipped with a proximity sensor.

Flexibility and Comfort

The switch is fully programmable, so you can easily adapt it to your changing needs and preferences. The menu structure and the layout depend on you! You can use the default set of icons and graphics or use your own to even better match the design to your taste. Each switch within the installation can have its own menu structure, different layout and functionality. The u::Lux switches fit into frames of the traditional switches so you can easily adjust their look to your interior.

Extend the Possibilities

You can use add-ons modules making switch functionality even greater. There are five expansion modules available:

  • temperature sensor,
  • temperature and humidity sensor,
  • temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide sensor,
  • temperature, humidity and motion detector sensor,
  • two binary inputs.


Want to learn more?

Read the documentation attached below in order to learn more about u::Lux switches. If documentation hasn't answered all your questions, please contact us!


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