Simple configuration

Simple and fast configuration of the respective elements of the DOMIQ system. Owing to this, the installer has more time to gain new customers, and the users can learn to introduce the basic changes in the configuration of the house by themselves.

Creation of the visualization

Aligning the items in relation to each other, aligning to grid. New Tools cut, copy, paste; keyboard abbreviations.
Full control over the layers and screens, preview of all the elements. Improvements of Resources, preview of themes and scripts.
New screen layout, faster access to elements. Improved push-buttons - change in the font size and colour - custom look for pressed/released states.

Time events

Any number of events in monthly, weekly, daily cycles. Astronomical clock - sunrise and sunset.
Event conditions, e.g. only during the summer period.    

Creation of menu for the Remote application

Drag and drop pick to create the menu.

Test the demo version of the configurator