Energy Meters and MODBUS

In this tutorial we will describe how to use DOMIQ/Serial-4MB to integrate DOMIQ/Base with digital energy meter SAIA BURGESS ALE3D5F11 and how to show the results in the DOMIQ/Remote and DOMIQ/Display.

Described meter from SAIA Burgess has very convenient form factor and functionality just perfect for home automation. Thanks to buil-in current transformers (10-65A) it's very small and easy to install. Address can be selected using display and buttons. Baud rate is automatically selected.

Due to size of the tutorial, that includes step-by-step instructions and screens full content is attached as PDF file below.

Attached files

➽ Energy Meters and MODBUS TU-0001-EN-110613.pdf 12.02.2021 1 MB

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