Integration with SATEL Integra

In this tutorial we will describe the integration with the SATEL Integra 64 intrusion detection system. This setup is used in almost every home automation installation in Poland, where LCN and DOMIQ modules are used.

Integration between those two systems can lead to significant reduction of the total cost of installation as well as increased user comfort by:

  • Using the alarm PIR detectors to control lighting in the LCN.
  • Using SATEL relays to control some functions in the HA system.
  • Using window sensors to control heating.
  • Using DOMIQ/Remote and DOMIQ/Display to arm/disarm alarm zones.
  • Automatic control of blinds or watering depending on armed zones.

Due to size of the tutorial, that includes step-by-step instructions and screens full content is attached as PDF file below.

Attached files

➽ Integration with SATEL Integra TU-0002-EN-110703.pdf 12.02.2021 2 MB

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