Shutters control

Automatic shutters are not only convenient, but also improve comfort of living and lower operating costs of the building. Well planned control of shutters has an positive impact on several aspects of the use of intelligent building.

  • Increases the safety of the residents and the building.
  • Improves the microclimate. Properly working shutters helps maintaining microclimate favorable for humans.
  • Decreases total operating cost of the building. In the summer shutters prevent the building from overheating, allowing to reduce costs for air conditioning of rooms. In winter, shutters insulate a building and reduce heat loss. Heat loss through windows and walls are the most serious causes of loss of the heat.

In this tutorial we will present how to control the shutters in a intelligent building using DOMIQ and LCN devices. By reading this manual, you will find out how to:

  • Create shutters control structure.
  • Define events to control shutters.
  • Use timers to control shutters.
  • Control shutters using DOMIQ/Display and DOMIQ/Remote.
  • Integrate shutters control with SATEL IDS system.

Examples presented in this manual focus on the single-family residential buildings. However procedures presented in this manual can be successfully implemented in the larger buildings, where large number of shutters are used.

Due to size of the tutorial, which includes step-by-step instructions and screens, it's full content is attached as PDF file below.

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2014.04.06 20:11

where I can download the control buttons on the blinds to load memonia

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