RGB LED lighting is quickly becoming standard feature of home automation installations. Unfortunately, currently control of such lights requires significant expenses with all required modules, converters and DALI dimmers. This forces investors to reconsider this feature, or implementation with cheaper options that rarely integrate well with entire installation. 

In this tutorial we will describe how to integrate DOMIQ/Base and DOMIQ/Serial-4DX with SPL-1 LED dimmer manufactured by Dagon Lighting to control LEDs using DMX-512 protocol.

DOMIQ/Serial-4DX can handle up to 256 DMX512 slots. This makes it possible to control up to up to 85 circuits of the RGB LEDs or 256 single-color LEDs circuits.

Due to size of the tutorial, which includes step-by-step instructions and screens, it's full content is attached as PDF file below.

Attached files

➽ RGB LED with DMX TU-0004-EN-110805.pdf 12.02.2021 402 KB

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