Base as LCN segment coupler

One of the advantages of LCN is the ability to create very large installation of an intelligent building. The largest installation of the LCN in the world is in the Main Tower building in Frankfurt, where the entire building was divided into 60 segments of the LCN. Also in Poland are installations in which the different floors or buildings are independent segments.

This tutorial will show you step by step how to use Base as LCN segment coupler.
Coupling function is available in Base modules with software version 1.7.5 or later. Base module is available at a lower price than the module LCN-SK, and additional opportunities for integration with other systems - MODBUS, DMX, DALI will soon make its use in large installations of office allows you to significantly increase the functionality of the installation and reduce costs.

Because of the size, step by step instructions (with pictures from the configuration) is contained in a PDF file.

Attached files

➽ Base as LCN segment coupler TU-0007-EN-140416.pdf 12.02.2021 564 KB

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