Base and MODBUS weather station

In this tutorial, we show how to integrate your own weather station P03/3-MODBUS Elsner Elektronik DOMIQ/Serial-4MB using the module.

The weather station is an important element of an intelligent home system, allowing the implementation of many features for enhanced comfort and safety of residents. Elsner's station in a single device integrates most of the required sensors.

Attached files

➽ Base and MODBUS weather station TU-0009-EN-120509.pdf 12.02.2021 462 KB
➽ Elsner P03/3 MODBUS elsner_p03.xml 12.02.2021 679 B


2013.02.06 14:52

In the last P03 it seems the bits 4 and 6 are swapped, means East is West and West is East.

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