MOBOTIX T24 Video Door Station

Integration of the Video Door Station in the building automation system is very often a recurring question. In this tutorial, we show step by step how to do this in the case of the MOBOTIX IP T24 Video Door Station. The attached video shows the operation of the Video Door Station.

This tutorial begins the series of tutorials, in which we present integration of DOMIQ system with Mobotix cameras. This one focuses on Mobotix T24: Hemispheric IP Video Door Station. By reading this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • integrate Mobotix T24 Video Door Station with DOMIQ system;
  • detect and react to motion detected by the camera;
  • integrate Mobotix T24 with the other subsystems of an intelligent building, such as Satel alarm system or LCN;
  • implement the answering machine functionality;
  • inform the users about events from the camera;
  • implement the function of the Video Door Station.

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Attached files

➽ Integration with MOBOTIX T24 Video Door Station TU-0011-EN.pdf 12.02.2021 2 MB

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