Smart Home - Presence Simulation

Many people when leaving home for a longer period, for example, going on a holiday, wonder how to secure home against burglary. One option is an intrusion detection system, anti–theft shutters and monitoring. However, a thief can watch the house and closed shutters for several days in a row is a clear signal, that the house is empty. Much cheaper and very effective deterrent are light that are turned on – it will signal that someone is at home and thus scare the thief. But how to achieve such functionality and turn on lights only at certain moments of a day and imitate natural human behaviour? This is where a smart home comes into play with functionality of the presence simulator. In this tutorial, we will present how create the presence simulator using a DOMIQ/Base module.

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➽ Presence Simulation - Smart Home TU-0021-EN-160105.pdf 12.02.2021 97 KB
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2017.03.24 12:09

Please send the content of the Logic tab via e-mail to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


2016.04.21 14:12

I installed the script but when I try to add a device i get the following error:
ERROR: [string “addDevice(‘LCN.output.0.14.1’)...”]:1: attempt to call global ‘addDevice’ (a nil value) Do you have any advice?

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